Trainee Plumbing Engineer

Trainee Plumbing Engineer
Central London
Posted 3 years ago

Job purpose

The Trainee Plumbing Engineer plays a key role in assisting the Senior Engineers in ensuring all projects and contract commitments run smoothly. The Trainee Plumbing Engineer works closely with the Senior Engineers gaining vital experience and on-site training.

Duties, responsibilities and attributes

Key duties include

Maintain effective and on-going communications with engineers and other members of staff

A pro-active work ethic always looking for the next working task

An enthusiastic approach to learning from the Senior Engineer to develop their knowledge and skills

Close monitoring of work ethics, methods and standards

Work within required legislation

Ensure the store of materials on site and off site is stocked and clean.

Drive change through continuous improvement

Ensure on site compliance with all aspects of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974


Personal Attributes required

Communication Skills: The Trainee Plumbing Engineer will be collaborating with co-workers and at times clients. They will need to be able to listen and communicate effectively with a presentable and pleasant manner. They must show strong written and verbal communication skills with a fluency in English, both spoken and written.

Attention to Detail: The Trainee Plumbing Engineer must be able to follow all standard operating procedures, policies and compliance standards. A careful and methodical approach to work with good practical thought process is essential. Complying with procedures, standards and policies, making sure every detail is right that is crucial to your work is essential. This attention to detail should be emphasised to all colleagues at all times.

Analytical Skills: The Trainee Plumbing Engineer will be looking to ensure they do their best in assisting the Senior Engineer to make working practices as efficient as possible.

Personal effectiveness: The Trainee Plumbing Engineer must be a proactive self-starter that is always thinking ahead, the main aim is to ensure there are no surprises. Flexibility is key, with a willingness to adapt to change and follow the company ethos – superior standards and continuous improvement


High GCSE or similar standard in English, Math and/or IT


Working conditions

Possible lone working

On site and office based

Travel includes overnight stop overs

Physical and mental requirements

This job is very demanding both physically and mentally, it requires the ability to cope with stressful situations and be able to adapt to the day to day requirements of the job.

Direct reports

You will be answerable to the Senior Engineer, Office Manager/Administrator.

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