From getting fresh air into an office to cleaning contaminated air as it leaves a laboratory, our ventilation experts have a wide range of solutions to draw on to improve air quality.

From simple air handling units to sophisticated HVAC systems our heating and air conditioning engineers have seen it all. We offer installation, maintenance and emergency call-out services for our customers.

From installing PAT testing the photocopier, to installing new plant equipment, we offer a full range of electrical services for commercial, industrial and domestic properties. All staff are appropriately qualified and certified.

From odd jobs to major projects, our experienced joiners are as happy putting up shelves as putting up walls. We have the right person for the job, whatever it is.

We work on projects of all sizes across a wide range of industries. Our plumbers have been everywhere, from student housing through Mayfair hotels and Oxford Street studios to naval bases.

From air conditioning to lab equipment, chillers perform essential functions across many businesses. We work with water cooled, air cooled and other chiller types to perform preventative and emergency maintenance.

Dealing with an awkward space, an old building or an unusual product? Our custom-made refrigeration units are a cost-effective way to solve tricky chiller problems for food service industries, laboratories and more.

Avoid ruined products, lost working time and an expensive repair bill by scheduling regular maintenance for your refrigeration systems. Our team can improve the long-term reliability of your commercial fridge or freezer.

We offer custom-made metal work for a wide range of applications. If you can’t find what you want ready made, talk to us about designing and manufacturing the pieces you need.

A legal requirement as well as an essential safety measure, fire alarm systems need regular testing and upgrading. We offer a full range of safety measures as well as appropriate testing and certification.

Ensuring your business can keep running during a power cut, or at least shut down critical systems safely, is essential. Our engineers install, maintain and upgrade uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and generator systems.

No roof can last forever yet a leak or hole is a disaster. We offer repair, maintenance, replacement and installation services for a wide range of roofing materials and all kinds of buildings.

Why rip a hole in a wall when you have X-ray vision? Our high tech systems use infra-red to save time and money by pinpointing the source of a leak without damaging the surrounding structures.

Health and safety law requires duct maintenance and cleaning to prevent a number of issues. Let us help you ensure your building is compliant, healthy and safe throughout the year.


Prevent disasters before they happen, spot underperforming systems and plan your financial outlay in advance. PPM gives you control of your facilities and reduces both maintenance costs and downtime.

Bacterial contamination is no joke, and compliance with is a legal requirement. We offer risk assessments and structural improvements to ensure you meet health standards and comply with the law.

Our Gas Safe engineers are qualified to work on both domestic and commercial boiler systems. As well as routine and emergency repairs, we offer replacement and installation services.