Bespoke Metal Fabrication


From repairing a custom-made machine to fitting out an unusual space, there are dozens of reasons why our clients need metal in shapes, sizes or qualities that are not available off-the-shelf. As part of our full service operation we are now able to provide custom-made metal products to meet a wide variety of needs. As an example, we might provide a new restaurant with a secure cage to store valuable wines, a bespoke metal bar surface or a kitchen canopy made to measure. Many of our customers have a clear idea of what they need but not all of them have the skills to translate their need into a blueprint suitable for a professional metal fabrication team. As part of our bespoke metal fabrication service, Facilities Management (Southern) Ltd will provide guidance and assistance from planning and design through to installation. We are proud that our involvement in the early stages ensures a top quality result and a perfect fit at the end.