Risks and problem areas

Legionella, the bacteria which causes Legionnaire’s Disease, is a waterborne contagion. This means that any water systems, damp areas or standing water can be a potential risk spot. Water containing areas that are not cleaned on a regular basis or which are poorly ventilated are particular risk factors. As an example, even a standard kitchen sink may be a risk area if the system is not used on a regular basis. Showers, spa pools, water tanks and air conditioning systems should all be assessed along with other water systems.

Meeting your legal obligations

Employers and landlords have a legal requirement to identify and manage the risk of Legionella exposure. Compliance with Approved Code of Practice L8 is required in order to comply with the provisions of The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and COSHH. We are able to offer risk assessments and practical advice to help you meet your legal obligations.